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Professional Serum Cocktails

Highly concentrated solutions target specific skin problems including dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, sensitivity, redness, large pores, and breakouts. These solutions may be layered, mixed, or applied alone for a customized solution for any skin ailment, issue, or concern!
Professional size - 4.0 FL OZ / 120 ML
1. Moisture Plenish Hydration Replenishing Solution
2. Vitamin K Anti-Redness Calming Solution
3. Hydra Squalane Advanced Nourishment Solution
4. Hi-Vitamin C 12% Anti-Oxidant Brightening Solution
5. Oxygen Plasma Potion Glow Rejuvenating Solution
6. Triple Clearlight Complexion Correcting Solution
7. Freeze & UnCrease Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Solution
8. Apple Stem Cellular Energy Age-Defying Youth Boosting Solution
9. Bio-Plantcenta™ Collagen Peptide+ Advanced Anti-Aging Revitalizing Solution
10. Retinol Vitamin A,C+E Clear and Youthful Complexion Renewing Solution
11. An-Tea Oxidant Serum (Advanced Anti Pollution Solution)