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Top 5 Real Secrets

Top 5 Real Secrets

The Real Secrets to Success


1. TACTICAL EMPATHYTactical empathy is being a compassionate, understanding, and attentive listener. Understanding the client's spoken or unspoken concern or desire, and then validating it. As a professional esthetician, the key to effective communication with your client is to allow them to openly express their desired outcome, and fears and why did they come to visit the spa today. Allow them to speak without judgment or interruption. Listen with your heart, not just your ear.

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2. UNIQUE VALUE"Don't be a wandering generality, be a meaningful specific" - Zig Ziglar. What does it mean? The spa & beauty industry is huge. There are plentiful of beauty school students who graduate every year and enter the ever growing spa and beauty industry. So how can you be unique and extraordinary in a very competitive industry? Ask yourself: What makes you uniquely you? 

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Many stop learning when they finish school. When you stop learning, your earning stops growing. Work harder on yourself than on your job and of course, that means work hard on your job too and don’t be lazy. Do not rely on just "showing up to work" - expand your knowledge and learn the fundamentals of success. Without the fundamentals or strong foundation, it is difficult to truly sustain growth in your career and life. Remember this formula. Learn more = Earn more

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You have to be the leader of yourself & your clients. What exactly is Leadership? In short, Leadership is influence. Leadership is the ability to affect and guide others to where they need to go. Remember, Clients want to silently be led, they may not tell you openly or directly though. Your professional job is to lead the client to the solution and outcome they are desiring.

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5. CONFIDENCEConfidence is the key to success! It is important to have full confidence, strong self belief in oneself and also full confidence in the products and services you are offering your clients. However, many of us are plagued with not enough confidence, self doubt and limiting self beliefs. But what is confidence and how can I develop more confidence and self belief? Confidence is developed through the process of overcoming past perceived limitations to become a greater version of yourself.

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