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Join us and start your journey to becoming a successful esthetician!



The purpose of LING Esthetic Pro is to be a holy grail resource guide for spa therapists to become fully empowered with all the necessary products, techniques and wisdom to becoming the most successful, prosperous and confident version of oneself.


Esthetician Success Mindset Training

  • Esthetician Affirmation

    Esthetician Affirmation

    Affirmations is a powerful tool to help boost confidence and maintain a positive mindset not just as an esthetician but as an individual overall. Take a deep breath  and visualize these affirmations becoming your reality. Remember, you are capable, deserving, and filled with limitless potential. 
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  • QQMA Formula

    QQMA Formula

    Success comes from focusing on providing high-quality work, increasing the quantity or volume of that work, and maintaining a positive mental attitude throughout the process. 1. QUALITY This refers to the level of excellence, accuracy, and attention to detail in...

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  • How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

    How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

    Fear of rejection is a common and understandable fear and can be a normal part of being human. However, this will keep you from achieving your dreams & who you are supposed to become! Here are 9 ways to overcome the fear of being rejected by the CEO of Ling Skincare, Patrick Chan.
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Esthetic Advanced Skillset Training

  • The LING Philosophy: Complete Skincare

    The LING Philosophy: Complete Skincare

    The LING Complete Skincare Cycle Serves as a map for estheticians to follow when performing Skincare services to clients. This result-driven map has proved four decades of success for the LING Brand, with hopes that it can benefit other businesses worldwide with the same effect.
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  • LING Knowledge

    LING Knowledge

    There are two different perspectives that are critical in terms of Skincare: Your client’s skin problems, and your perspective on those problems as a trained professional.
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