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The "WOW" Ling Signature Facial + Instant Energy Lift

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Package includes:
1. Micellar Rose Water 8 oz
2. Purifying Facial Cleanser 16 oz
3. Eye & Lip Soothe Cream 2 oz
4. Elastin Collagen Lotion 16 oz
5. Glycolic Multi-Acid Peel 4 oz
6. Spotlight Papaya Peel 8 oz
7. Drying Lotion 2 oz
8. Rescue Skin Peel 8 oz
9. Volclayno Detox Mask 16 oz
10. Ginseng Therapy Mask 16 oz
11. Calming/Replenishing Hydrator 16 oz
12. Oxygen Plasma Potion 4 oz
13. DNA DoNotAge cream 8 oz
14. Instant Energy Lift device

Experience the amazing wellness benefits of Tourmaline gemstone! Uplifting Body, Face & Spirit ‘Science meets Total Wellness’

Energy Lift therapy utilizes Modern Science with Asian Holistic Wellness by effectively combining 4 healing methods in one:

1) Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) are healing energy from the sun without harmful radiation.
2) Acupuncture without needles to stimulate meridian channels to increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and chi energy flow.
3) Negative Ions are the cleansing molecules of nature.
4) Heat Therapy (Moxibustion) without smell or smoke, a traditional Asian health principle using localized heat therapy to relax our autonomic nerve system.

Original value of device: $3,500


Get the device for only $1,999.99 if you buy any of the facial packages! 

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