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Esthetician Success Mindset Training

  • Esthetician Affirmation

    Esthetician Affirmation

    Affirmations is a powerful tool to help boost confidence and maintain a positive mindset not just as an esthetician but as an individual overall. Take a deep breath  and visualize these affirmations becoming your reality. Remember, you are capable, deserving, and filled with limitless potential. 
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  • QQMA Formula

    QQMA Formula

    Success comes from focusing on providing high-quality work, increasing the quantity or volume of that work, and maintaining a positive mental attitude throughout the process. 1. QUALITY This refers to the level of excellence, accuracy, and attention to detail in...

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  • How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

    How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

    Fear of rejection is a common and understandable fear and can be a normal part of being human. However, this will keep you from achieving your dreams & who you are supposed to become! Here are 9 ways to overcome the fear of being rejected by the CEO of Ling Skincare, Patrick Chan.
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  • Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset

    What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means 6 Key points on how to achieve a "Growth Mindset" 1. Your attitude to break the paradigm2. Embrace challenges3. Prioritize education over entertainment4. Persist in the face of setback5. Establish your fundamentals6. Seek...

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  • The Importance of Tactical Empathy

    The Importance of Tactical Empathy

    Why Do You Need Tactical Empathy?     As an esthetician, you have to understand the client wants & needs. In order to do so, your must listen with your heart, not just your ear. When your clients feel heard,...

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  • Enhance Your Unique Value

    Enhance Your Unique Value

    "Don't be a wandering generality, be a meaningful specific" 1. Identify What You Are Unique About 2. Everything You Do Outside Of Work Should Enhance Your Value 3. Put Your Passion In What You Do

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  • How To Grow Your Confidence

    How To Grow Your Confidence

    Top 5 Tips on How To Grow Your Self-confidence 1. Do hard things.2. Set your routine for success!3. Remember the time you accomplish something.4. Reprogram your subconscious mind.5. Know who you really are!

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  • Top 5 Real Secrets

    Top 5 Real Secrets

    The Real Secrets to Success: Learn more on how to prepare your mind as an esthetician with Patrick Chan, the CEO of Ling Skincare & the Destiny Changing Coach. Techniques on how to tame your mind & open your heart.
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