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QQMA Formula

QQMA Formula

Success comes from focusing on providing high-quality work, increasing the quantity or volume of that work, and maintaining a positive mental attitude throughout the process.


This refers to the level of excellence, accuracy, and attention to detail in your work. Focusing on producing high-quality outcomes is essential for success.

Have you ever heard of EXTRA MILE?

"Going the Extra Mile" refers to the practice of exceeding expectations and putting in extra effort beyond what is required. It involves taking initiative, going beyond the minimum effort, and consistently delivering more than what is expected. That's a good example of QUALITY.


This aspect emphasizes the importance of productivity and output. Achieving success requires consistent effort, persistence, and a commitment to producing a significant volume of work.


This aspect highlights the significance of maintaining a positive and proactive mindset. Developing a strong mental attitude, such as optimism, perseverance, and resilience, is crucial for overcoming challenges and achieving success.

The QQMA formula is a guaranteed framework that encourages individuals to balance and prioritize these three elements to maximize their potential for success.

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