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Vampire Infusion PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) - Hydro Jelly Mask - 30 oz

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Collagen infusion provides concentrated POLY-L-LACTIC ACID (PLLA), which assists the skin’s natural renewal process to increase elasticity. It increases fibroblast activity and stimulates collagen production which provides a gradual increase in skin thickness and smoothness for a more youthful appearance. This illuminating treatment infuses the skin with sculpting power for an uplifted, refreshed look that tightens and firms the appearance of the face and neck. The result is younger-looking, radiant, and rejuvenated skin.

SKIN CONCERNS:  Acne, Congested & Oily Skin


  • Collagen Restoration Infusion & Poly-L-Lactic Acid
  • Boosts the regeneration of collagen
  • Delivers intense hydration
  • Anti-aging and improves skin repair ability
  • Enhances facial volume
  • Firming & plumping effects


After facial cleansing, mix the powdered mask with water until it is a jelly-like texture, then apply it evenly on the facial & neck. After 15-20 minutes peel off to remove and reveal your glowing skin!

  • POLY-L-LACTIC ACID (PLLA) - “collagen restoration powder” boosts collagen production, enhances facial volume, whitens, tightens, reduces dark spots, improves skin repair ability
  • Sodium Hyaluronate - anti-wrinkle, increases skin hydration, moisturizes, soothes skin inflammation, whitens and brightens skin complexion

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